Sun Tzu: “If Your Opponent Is Tempermental Seek To Irritate Him” #FraudNewsCNN VIDEOS

The internet is mad at CNN! CNN has found themselves in quite an interesting predicament. After the fraud news network (formally known as CNN) screeched (faux) outrage over President Trump’s retweet of a funny wrestling video, the internet was not happy.

But then CNN really stepped in it!

On The Fourth of July, a CNN journalist made creepy threats toward the person who made the video. The internet responded. Big time. The internet is pissed. Really pissed.

Groups of internet meme-makers have declared a Meme War against the fraud news network. Every day THOUSANDS of anti-CNN video memes are being organically created, and posted on various social media platforms.

This is classic Sun-Tzu 101:

If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.

Here’s just a few of the recently created #FraudNewsCNN memes:

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