The upheaval of the eastern establishment: How Palin was a prelude to Trump

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Wow. It only took nine years for the smart people to figure out what WE THE PEOPLE innately understood from the very moment Governor Sarah Palin was nominated to run as Vice President. Many of us have been talking about the significance of Sarah Palin as a new political archetype for years.

Even if we couldn’t articulate the significance – we felt the significance, and we felt the coming change.

The future is now.

via The Hill:

July 11, 2017

The upheaval of the eastern establishment: How Palin was a prelude to Trump


Because very simply put, Sarah Palin would bring an end to their world, and she has. She brought apocalypse to the eastern establishment.

To understand the widespread hysteria of the liberal media when Palin appeared, visualize this:

“There comes a moment, said Edward Edinger, New York’s pioneering psychoanalyst, when something comes unfettered and free as if from nowhere and brings an end to all the systems and their agents and arts that we take for granted as part of who we are and what we always expect to be. The end of the generation’s saints and god kings; Mick Jagger and Hillary and Bill. The end of history; the end of Marx and Hamilton, the end of Congress, Wall Street, the Yankees and The New York Times. The end of that and that and all of that, as Robert Graves phrased Europe’s death in 1917, the end of everything. This, said Edinger, is the apocalypse, and it could just as easily be bloodless as not,” I wrote in 2008.

And it could bring, and it did, Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Palin was prelude and harbinger to Trump’s arrival.

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