Tomi Lahren: CNN obsessed with Trump’s tweets .. “America doesn’t give a crap”


“After six months in office, President Trump has tweeted 991 times. For some cable news networks this is considered breaking news.”

“I don’t care how many times President Trump has tweeted. I don’t care who he sits by at international dinners. I don’t care how many scoops of ice cream he asks for. I don’t care if he tweets about covfefe in the middle of the night.”

Tomi has a news flash for the leftist mainstream media. “Just because you’re obsessed” .. “doesn’t mean the American people give a crap.”

“We don’t have the time or luxury to worry about those things because average Americans care about putting food on the table for our families. We care about keeping the lights on for our small businesses. We care about having a job to go to every day. We care about the safety and security of our communities and our border.”

Lahren added, “We finally have a President who cares about those things.”



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