Trump Campaign Official Testifies Russia Was NEVER Discussed


A top Trump campaign official testified for three hours Friday before the House Intelligence Committee, saying the investigation boils down to two words, “collusion delusion”.

Former communications adviser Michael Caputo spoke with reporters on Capitol Hill at the conclusion of the hearing:

“I spent my time in front of the committee detailing the fact that I had no contact with Russians, that I never heard of anyone in the Trump campaign talking with Russians, .. that I never even spoke to anybody about Russia.”

“I never heard the word Russia, and we did not use Russian dressing.”

“There was absolutely no discussion of Russia on the Trump campaign till the day I left.”

Caputo admonished journalists, saying “For God’s sake, you guys got to end this stuff!”

He opined on the recent revelation that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, “This thing smells like fish to me.”

“The fact that this lawyer who I’ve never heard of, is suddenly weaving her way in and out of meetings with the Trumps, meetings with McCain, going to anti-Trump rallies, posting negative Trump pictures on her Facebook, sitting in reserved seats in committee hearings behind Obama’s Ambassador to Russia. It all smells like fish to me.”

Caputo appealed to reporters, requesting that they “dig into both sides” of this Russian lawyer’s activities.




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