Trump’s Tweets Are Using the Media’s Own Alarmism Against Them and Why He Can’t Lose…

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July 3, 2017

Trump’s Tweets Are Using the Media’s Own Alarmism Against Them and Why He Can’t Lose…

It is becoming apparent the President can distract the media with shiny things, and they all fall for it: “Ooooh, shiny!”

It’s what Republicans have been lacking for so long. This intentional manipulation of the nation’s — if not the world’s — media while policy wins continue to stack up in the background. Supreme Court nominations, travel bans, Kate’s law. It’s all happening.

The media will go to Americans in three years and say, “Remember what this guy tweeted 40 months ago?”

The President and his team will reply: “Hey look at the jobs, the trade, the international affairs, and all these policy achievements we made even in the face of a hysterical press!”

Who do you think will have the more compelling argument?

Mr. Trump himself lived on Page Six news.

He understands the commodity of gossip and outrage and scandal. What’s more is he understands how the media has become the very thing it was hoping to make the public into in order to boost viewership.

There’s a reason BREAKING NEWS is on the chyrons of all news outlets, all the time. They have wanted to instill a sense of urgency and panic that keeps you glued to the television. Recently they’ve taken to putting countdown clocks in the bottom right corner, often advertising something totally inane that needs no countdown at all.

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