Wrong! 22 million will not “lose” their insurance with GOP health care reform


Democrats are trafficking in fear to prevent health care reform, peddling false, dire warnings that 22 million will “lose” insurance. That simply is just not true.


Perhaps too often, Americans take the findings of independent government agencies—whether executive or congressional—as fact. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which has impacted the health care debate, has consistently said that repealing Obamacare would lead to around 22 to 23 million Americans losing their insurance by 2026. This has been a frequent talking point for those…

With Obamacare repealed, it possibly could be accurate that 22 million fewer Americans will carry health insurance in coming years.

But, they didn’t “lose” it. It wasn’t taken away from them as Democrats would try to frighten you into believing.

The truth is that the CBO predicts that upwards of 16 million Americans will voluntary CHOOSE to opt out of purchasing health insurance. This is a far different fact than the lies that Democrats peddling.

With the Obamacare forced mandates repealed, Americans will once again regain the freedom  to not purchase a health insurance product, without fear of being burdened by enormous financial penalties.

Under current ObamaLaw, Americans don’t have that choice.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be big on “choice”?



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