Blonde Hair Is RAAACIST


This is rich.

The Democrats are REALLY over-playing the RAAACISM card (again).

If everything is racist, then nothing is racist.

As we explained several weeks ago (when the Democrats said that cleaning poo-poo off of the sidewalk is RAAACIST) everything and nothing are the same thing:

There must be something outside the equation in order for it to be measured. Measurement is a relationship between two points. In order to measure something there must be two points. This is what measurement is. If you encompass everything there is only one point. Nothing works the same way. Nothing also encompasses everything. Nothing is also only one point.

This is not my opinion.

This is not hard to understand.

Even the stupid people (Democrats) should be able to understand this.

The Truth Fairy

via The Washington Free Beacon:

August 11, 2017

New York Magazine Accuses Fox News Hosts of Racism for Having Blonde Hair

“Fox News and Donald Trump have given blonde hair a new chapter,” she wrote. “Now, blonde is the color of the right, for whom whiteness has become a hallmark.”

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