Clinton Appointed Judge Does NOT Dismiss Governor Palin vs. New York Times Lawsuit At This Time

The New York Times wanted this case dismissed immediately.

Didn’t happen.

Sarah Palin vs. The New York Times will have a lasting impact in the culture war – no matter the outcome.

If the Clinton appointed judge is unfair, he will feed more fuel to the fire of two important problems in the country:

  1. Activist judges who engage in political favors (like Judge-Shopping)
  2. Fake News

The Clinton appointed judge will rule on whether, or whether not, the case will proceed by the end of the month.


Stay tuned…

via The Hill:

August 1, 2017

Judge blocks Palin lawyers from questioning NYT reporters in defamation suit

Rakoff said he’ll rule by the end of the month whether Palin’s suit against the Times can proceed.

The court filing cites Palin claiming the newspaper wrongly accused her of “inciting a mass shooting at a political event in January 2011.”

The 53-year-old mother of five also said in court papers that the paper intentionally printed information that it “knew to be false.”

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