"Journalists": The Sky Is Falling! NAZI’S And RAAACISTS And WHITE PEOPLE! EEEK!


Ok. Sooooo, I was watching President Trump’s press conference from Trump Tower today.

The most shocking thing was the fiendish and bizarre behavior of the so-called journalists.

These journalists were behaving like a cage full of hungry and angry monkeys!

The press conference was supposed to be about our country’s much needed infrastructure revitalization.

One of the platforms President Trump campaigned on was rebuilding our country’s infrastructure.

(Another campaign promise fulfilled)

Instead of asking questions about rebuilding America, the hysterical and frenzied journalists were screaming the CRAZIEST questions you can imagine:

"President Trump, are you against The Confederacy?"

"President Trump, do you consider Nazi’s bad people?"

This made me think of a profound thought I had heard many years ago that I still use to this very day every time I get the chance:

Reality is stranger than fiction.


Because fiction has to make sense.

The Truth Fairy

via Breitbart:

August 15, 2017

Reporters Horrified After President Shares Meme of ‘Trump Train’ Hitting CNN

President Donald Trump retweeted a meme shared by one of his supporters Tuesday morning, showing a cartoon “Trump Train” running into a person with CNN’s logo for a head.

“Fake news can’t stop the Trump Train,” the text of the cartoon meme read.

Trump’s decision to share the image triggered outrage from reporters, who compared it to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville.

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