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Okay .. so last night I was digging into some old Beatles solo LP’s, and was unexpectedly struck by the caliber of their individual post mop-top output.

All four of these boys cast a brilliant light upon pop music and culture well beyond the frenzy of Beatlemania. Yes, there are many instantaneously recognizable after-Beatle hit singles .. but I aim to delve a bit deeper .. beyond John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, Paul McCartney’s ‘Band On The Run’, or Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’.

We’re going to dive into a few songs that you most likely know by heart, but may have forgotten over the years … songs that reveal the innate talent that each Beatle first contributed to the band, and then how they individually exceeded what they had achieved as a part of a group.

First up, two tracks off of John Lennon’s 1973 ‘Mind Games’ LP, released four years after the band broke apart. A cursory glance at the songs listed on that album, and the only recognizable tune seems to be the title track, ‘Mind Games’… a staple of AOR radio for decades.

But within this LP are a number of buried treasures.

John Lennon – Bring on The Lucie:

Who remembers this next bouncy tune also from the Mind Games LP?

John Lennon – Only People:

These are just two mere examples from one solo album that demonstrate the hidden impact John Lennon had on post-Beatle pop music. Either one of these somewhat lost gems exemplifies his songwriting craftsmanship sans the presence of his former band mates.

Lennon released eleven solo albums. There is much to discover .. or rediscover. I would humbly suggest 1980’s ‘Double Fantasy’, Lennon’s last living output .. struck down on the cusp of perhaps even greater achievements.


Tomorrow .. Ringo !!



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