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1931 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Roadster • photo courtesy Rex Gray

The remarkable styling of the 1931 CG-series Chrysler Imperial was the work of LeBaron, one of the greatest automotive design firms of the classic era. Only 100 of these Roadsters were produced in 1931, and only a handful still exist today. The vehicle had a base price of $3,220. The inline eight displaced 385 cubic inches, achieving 125 horsepower @3200 rpm’s and was mated to a four speed manual gearbox. Top speed was rated at an impressive 96 mph. The vehicle has a massive 145 inch wheelbase, the longest ever manufactured by Chrysler. Optional side-mounted spare tires were available for each side of the vehicle.

Original press kit photo for the 1931 Chrysler Imperial Roadster. You can see a number of differences in comparison to the LeBaron design.


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