That Day My President “Went Rogue”

Governor Palin has described many times how professional politicians and consultants react when one chooses to “go rogue” in lieu of being scripted, mentally preparing us for the obvious circumstances of the current day.

I find it pleasing that a political phrase made famous by a fierce reforming former-governor of Alaska has been adopted by some of those in D.C., perhaps reluctantly even, to explain President Donald J. Trump’s decision to be truthful and candid with the media on Tuesday.

Trump’s points on Tuesday can be summarized as follows:

1.)    Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are disgusting.
2.)    The Alt-Left claiming to show up in the name of social justice, who attack people with clubs, fists, and other objects are just as responsible for chaos.
3.)    Not all people who showed up opposed to the removing of the Robert E. Lee statue and the renaming of the park in Charlottesville were Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.
4.)    The White Supremacist responsible for committing murder in cold blood will be brought to justice by his administration.

By going rogue, Donald J. Trump upset the mainstream media.  He upset snowflakes on the left.  People cried.  Opportunistic journalists and PR-seeking politicians who’ve bored us to tears over the years used the words that he spoke directly to the “fake news” media as an excuse to attack him once again, undoubtedly winning them a couple token-pats-on-the-back from longtime Trump critics as well as a few honorable mentions on CNN.

By going rogue, President Trump had to disband a business advisory panel designed to better our country.  He abolished the group after some more interested in protecting their hides began jumping ship, hearing the dog whistles of those desperate to continue a false narrative about a man who’d never been called a racist until the very moment he challenged political establishments and oligarchs on both sides of the political aisle.

President Trump “went rogue” for the right reasons on Wednesday.  In assessing the president’s words to the media, one has to ask themselves: did he tell the truth?  And any intellectually honest person, despite how uncomfortable it would be to them, would have to admit the apparent: yes, he did!

In America today, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates approximately 5,000 to 8,000 members nationwide for the KKK.  Higher overall white supremacist estimates about 150,000 from other sources. That’s 150,000 in a country of 300 Million, or a .0005 fraction of the population.  For years, they have existed.  Their perverted views of the world and hate, whether we like it or not, are protected by the U.S. Constitution.  They’ve remained such a small irrelevant fraction of our country because up until now, we’ve never been stupid enough to give them the platform they’ve so craved for years.

And why was the decision made to give them that platform?  We all know why.  It was agenda-driven.  It was to the benefit of narratives designed to portray Donald Trump as a racist.  It was made to give those who are still sore about his victories in 2016 the opportunity to tell the 63 Million Americans who voted for him that they should be ashamed of themselves for voting for someone who was supported by David Duke.

Yet, fortunately for America, the media shall fall flat on their faces once again.  Did the media scream in response to Trump’s remarks on illegal aliens as he announced his presidency in June of 2015?  Why yes, yes they did!  Did companies like Univision, Macy’s and empires like NBC seek to boycott anything associated with President Trump or his businesses?  Why yes, yes they did!

Every time Donald Trump tells the truth, the media screams in reaction.  When the media screams “racist,” weak-spined people bail on such truth and the country by extension.

But in response to the noise, Americans see the truth.  They talk about it in comment sections of news articles.  They talk about it at barbecues with one another.  Trump’s support soars whenever the desperate media tries to undermine him.

Similar tactics didn’t stop Trump from succeeding as a candidate and they certainly won’t prevent him from succeeding as a president.

The president’s wise choice to tell it like it is on Tuesday was heard loud and clear by all of those Americans fed up with the tired race card being played by those in the political establishment and their cohorts in the “fake news” media.

Americans know that using the term “both sides” is about as racist as using the term “shuck and jive.”  Especially when the man who said it immediately preceded the remark by denouncing white supremacy.  However, this is America!  Should one always have to first say I don’t like white supremacists before making valid comments about Black Lives Matter extremists killing cops or groups like ANIFTA physically attacking someone they disagree with? That is ludicrous!

White supremacy has been denounced in this country so much that the fraction of those infected with the mental disease is otherwise irrelevant but for the selected times when a narrative-driven media purposely gins it up and thereby assists in creating the chaos on all sides that we all denounce.

We have every right as individuals to respond and call out evils of the Alt-Left.  If we do not, we leave this country less peaceful and more volatile for future generations.  If we do not have a president with the courage to plow through a mainstream media narrative and go right to the people with the truth, there’s no point in electing leaders to make tough decisions that need to be made and to speak truthful thoughts that need to be heard.  I don’t give a damn if it interrupts a narrative.

He “went rogue.”  And he’s My President!

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