Joey Heatherton


Who remembers Joey Heatherton?

As a red-blooded American boy in the 60’s and 70’s, I certainly do.

She was a staple on television variety shows of the time, especially with Dean Martin and Bob Hope. In the mid 80’s, she disappeared from public view. There is some documentation of minor legal troubles around that time, but little is known of Heatherton’s whereabouts since.

Today is Joey Heatherton’s 73rd birthday, and this admirer cannot help but wonder what became of her.

Some might choose to remember her merely as some objectified sex kitten, and perhaps her on screen persona reinforced that view to some extent. but she was without question a talented singer, a most high-spirited dancer, and a very personable entertainer. Perhaps the most vivacious performer of the era.

Thirty-five years ago Joey Heatherton was a household name, and I thought it only fitting that she be properly remembered.


Holllywood Palace • January 31st, 1970:


Not sure of the source on this, but it’s a terrific performance.  Possibly also a Hollywood Palace number. Joey sings and dances to "I Love A Parade". That sure looks like Bing Crosby greeting Joey at the conclusion.


This next video is a personal favorite from my own archive and inexplicably, was not previously available for viewing on YouTube, so I made it available! Originally aired October 16th, 1969, this clip showcases Heatherton’s many talents, as well as a visibly enamored, and at times flustered Dean Martin:


Lastly, here is Joey in an early appearance doing ‘The Hullabaloo’:


There are no accounts as to where Ms. Heatherton is today, nor the path her post entertainment life took, but this fanboy can only hope she is alive and well .. and happy.

Her life story has never been told and very much deserves proper review.

So here is to Joey Heatherton. May she be acknowledged in posterity.

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