Media Shuffle: Bila Off ‘The View,’ Ingraham On At FOX – Updated

News broke this morning that Jedidiah Bila’s spot on “The View” has now ended.  Bila herself stated this morning that it was her last day calling her time on the show “an amazing journey.”

Until this morning, there were no major talks about Bila leaving the show.  This has created an expected speculation among some who questioned why she was suddenly departing.  Could it have been because of Bila’s tough question to Hillary last week?

Of course, the remaining panel of hostesses didn’t challenge much about Clinton.  Additionally, Bila herself released a tweet 45 minutes ago showing her question to Clinton where she accurately pointed out that many of us supported Trump based on real issues as opposed to the idea that we were a bunch of racists and sexists — an idea that the media and left still bitterly cling to.

Jedidiah Bila has always been outspoken and articulate.  I am sure she’ll be just fine.  But I am sure she’ll have more to say in the future if in fact she was axed for daring to ask a challenging question to the former Secretary of State who was rejected by the American people.

In brighter news, FOX News has signed a new contract with Laura Ingraham who will replace Hannity at the 10PM slot on the channel’s prime time lineup.  Reportedly, Hannity will be moved to the 9PM slot where he will go head-to-head with Rachel Maddow on MS-NBC.  Additionally, The Five will move back to it’s original time slot of 5PM.  Mat Drudge reports that the change could come as early as next week.

Ingraham will no doubt bring a voice of common sense to prime time television.


The tweet cited above has been deleted/removed from Jedidiah Bila’s Twitter feed.


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