The Heat is On in Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election’s Final Week of Campaigning

Some of the longest standing pioneers of the anti-establishment movement are turning up in Alabama this week to support Judge Roy Moore for next week’s special election for U.S. Senate.

As C4P reported via Breitbart recently, Governor Palin endorsed Judge Roy Moore in the face off.  Additionally, Stephen Bannon has thrown his support behind Moore as well.

Many credit Governor Palin’s early endorsement of Donald J. Trump for president as well as Bannon’s excellent guidance for the Trump campaign’s ability to tap into the forgotten Americans who’ve been betrayed and overlooked by the Washington establishment, thus delivering him a victory.

Moore’s opponent in the special election is Sen. Luther Strange.  Strange has picked up the endorsements of folks like Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Chamber of Commerce, a powerful special interest group catering to big business and globalists who vehemently opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy which puzzles many Americans considering the president has thrown his support behind Strange as well.

Politico reports that a Moore victory places “fear” in Republicans that it could trigger a wave of primary challenges in 2018’s midterms.  This of course is a similar concern we’ve heard in the past when the Tea Party emerged in the congressional elections of 2010 and 2012.  Many argue that it was that independent, anti-establishment movement that created the environment needed to assist President Trump in defeating organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and longtime political power-players like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in his own campaign.

The Politco article also reports that Mitch McConnell views the race as a “top priority” and has advised Trump why he believes that Strange was the better candidate, which seems to be a response to growing establishment fears that President Trump could reverse his support at the last minute.

Governor Palin’s rally for Roy Moore is reported to take place on Thursday evening in Alabama, an event reportedly held by the Great American Alliance, a group aligned with Stephen Bannon.  Breitbart also reported earlier today that Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to President Trump will be joining Governor Palin at the rally.

C4P will be following the plans and final details of Governor Palin’s participation as the week progresses.

You can read Governor Palin’s endorsement of Judge Roy Moore here.

You can see Judge Roy Moore’s campaign website here.

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