Tucker Debates Rob Reiner Over Ridiculous ‘War With Russia’ Propaganda Movement

I am always dismayed by Hollywood limousine liberals who portray themselves as bleeding hearts but bitterly cling to wild ideas over Russia simply because Hillary Clinton, a career politician who was beholden to the donor class, lost the general election of 2016.

Further, their hypocrisy is stunning.  As Tucker explains (and as Trump has as well), China is a much larger threat to our country’s democracy and stability.  Yet, limousine liberals in New York and L.A. are happy to use China to their own financial gain.

As Governor Palin said in her great speech last night in Montgomery, this is not just one side anymore…it’s the “uni-party.”  The “uni-party” of the donor class and globalists who conspire to create phony problems while ignoring the real ones of the forgotten man and woman in states all across America’s heartland.

In any case, the exchange is quite entertaining.  But as you hear Morgan Freeman’s voice in the propaganda piece below, try to control your gag reflex.

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