WAPO: Hillary Still Unable to Match Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ in Opening Book Sales

First, there was Hard Choices, an attempt to lay groundwork for her now failed presidential campaign.

Now there’s What Happened.  Of course, we all know “what happened.”  The American people got tired of establishment politicians being controlled by the donor class.  So, we did something about it.

Hillary’s new book opened with much press attention.  There was a lot of anticipation building among those in the media.  Still, Hillary couldn’t match the opening week success that Governor Palin had in 2009 with her memoir, “Going Rogue.”

Via Washington Post:

What happened is Hillary Clinton’s memoir sold 300,000 copies in its first week.

Simon & Schuster announced Wednesday morning that “What Happened” sold 167,000 copies in hardback in the United States since it went on sale Sept. 12. (Nielsen BookScan indicates that about 8,800 of those copies were sold in the greater DC metro area.)


(That’s better than the first week of Clinton’s 2014 “Hard Choices,” but still below the extraordinary first-week sales of Sarah Palin’s 2009 memoir, “Going Rogue,” which reportedly sold 469,000 copies in its opening week.)

This is not just about book sales though.  It’s truly about the forgotten voters.  Governor Palin’s emergence onto the national scene changed my life.  She taught many of us to make up our own minds, look past media filters, and to look past the rules of the establishments of both major parties.  She doesn’t suck up to the donor class.  She goes into small towns to hear the voices of real people.

She made all of us believe that if we stick together while going outside of our comfort zones to connect with others, we can grow and make a difference.  And we did.  That’s why President Trump knew her endorsement was key in his primary success during 2016.  The energy that surrounded the Trump campaign started with Sarah Palin in 2008.  That’s of course my humble opinion, but it doesn’t take rocket science to connect these dots.

You have to inspire people, not whine.  Hillary whines post-election. Like any of us, she could make the choice to truly connect to the people and understand their concerns, rather than calling them deplorable.

Palin took all of the perceived post-election lemons that were thrown at her.  And instead of whining about them, she turned them into lemonade and actually inspired people and became an agent of change.  Beyond just amazing book sales, she’s succeeded in ways that are much more profound and important to our country.


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