Governor Palin: 666b = Swamp Devils


Look closely at the lady and the man in the picture above.

The chains around their necks are loose.

All they have to do is remove the chains and they are free.

The Devil has tricked them into thinking they are in bondage to him.

We have the power to free ourselves from The DC Beast.

This is not my opinion.

The Truth Fairy

via Sarah Palin:

666b = The Real Beast and DC’s Swamp Devils

Enough is enough! Another bizarre day in DC where true things are deemed fake and fake things deemed true just confirmed that these all-talk politicians still have not heard the voice of the people.

Of note: today’s irresponsible budget talk as the President arrived on Congress’ home turf.

Continued special interest spending destroys our solvency and sovereignty. Increasing debt and accepting deficits ultimately exorcizes private sector growth and middle class job creation.

Be saddened – and angered – at politicians dishonesty and disingenuous attempts to create a smaller, smarter government. Spending YOUR hard earned money, they’re now bragging of an INCREASE in the deficit by $666 BILLION. That’s 3.5% of our GDP!

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