Another Hollywood-Adored Liberal Scumbug Exposed

If only one could count how many times Mark Halperin condescended to or flat out lied about Governor Palin.

I also cannot tell you how many low-info morons I have ran into over the last few years who believed they were in the position to educate me on Sarah Palin — simply because of an HBO flop.

I’m sure you heard it, too.  “Palin?  DUDE! Didn’t you see Game Change?

Of course refuting it was easy and once I did, the ones attempting to educate me would usually walk away quietly with their tails between their legs.

I miss my old friend’s presence on C4P, Stacy Drake.  We still keep in touch.  Send pithy (funny) text messages to one another.  I recall though the various movie award ceremonies the year Game Change was released.  Hollywood and its accompanying liberal bias  showered praise onto Mark Halperin for his version of the 2008 campaign which was filled with lies and smear about the Governor.  Yet, my great friend Stacy wrote a brilliant piece that is still around where she called out the lies in the movie.

Top 10 Lies of HBO’s Game Change

And then, we all had a little fun as well:

Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

Hollywood Honors Julianne Moore for Her Politics

Aide Jason Recher on ‘Game Change’ Palin Portrayal: I Would’ve Quit

Hollywood Hands Golden Globe Award to a Piece of Garbage (aka HBO’s Game Change)

Emmys Seek to Prop HBO’s Dying Flop

The film indeed flopped.  The elites in Hollywood did not care though.  They had a mission….to discredit Governor Palin even if it meant slandering her erroneously and rewarding those willing to do so as well (one year before a national election, by the way where it was believed Governor Palin would be a candidate for president).

The politics of rewarding Hollywood for political agendas continues to blow up.  The liberal “men” who pat one another on the backs and attack conservatives for sexism and bigotry are finally being exposed as the unreliable creeps they’ve always been…

Or as Governor Palin puts it:


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