Disgraceful! @RepWilson Contradicts Herself in Effort to Slander @realDonaldTrump

This is so shameful.  But then again, Democrats are used to getting away with these kinds of shenanigans.  Just ask Cindy Sheehan.  When the Democrats were able to use Sheehan to attack a sitting Republican president, they treated her like gold.  After Obama entered office and Sheehan began criticizing him, too, suddenly the left and the media became silent and poor Cindy Sheehan was tossed away.

This time, the subject is another fallen vet and his grieving widow.  She will always grieve as any person would.  However, her grief is still in its beginning stage and no doubt is she in an exceptional amount of pain.  Our hearts go out to her and the USA owes her an endless debt of condolences and gratitude for her brave husband’s ultimate sacrifice.

President Trump called the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson to offer condolences on Tuesday.  And in today’s 24 hours news-cycle, there is already speculation about what the president said and most claiming some kind of disrespect on his part.  The quotes the media continues to reference are based on what one Florida congresswoman is saying.

There are many aspects of this that simply don’t add up.  First of all, President Trump has been an unrelenting supporter and passionate defender of our troops.

He signs legislation which makes their lives better.

He got the ball rolling on technology which has been around for years that past presidents ignored that helps vets.

He visits wounded U.S. Servicemen whenever he can.

He’s raised money for veterans in the past.

And while it’s not related to veterans or active military, the visits President Trump made recently to places like Puerto Rico and Las Vegas where he visited Americans wounded at the hands of a madman shows the heart within the president himself as well as the First Lady.

Now suddenly, some unknown Congresswoman from Florida is claiming that this same man was disrespectful to the widow of a fallen hero.  And not only did she claim it, she shouted it from the rooftops all day Tuesday by leaking it to the press.

Naturally, the president was in a position to respond.  After claiming the Congresswoman fabricated his comments, she shot back immediately!

‘This gentleman has a brain disorder, and he needs to be checked out. … We should be praising his family, not insulting them.’

‘I have no reason to lie about the President of the United States,’ Wilson insisted, citing ‘her aunt, her uncle, my press person, the driver [and] the master sergeant’ as people who heard Trump speak.

But even more stunningly,s he went on:

‘We’re grieving! This is a grieving community!’ Wilson exclaimed. ‘It is disgraceful for him to even tweet about this.’ 

Oh, really?

Apparently it’s okay for the Congresswoman to do so but not for the president to respond to it a day later:

First she says on Monday:

Then shortly after, she says:

Who’s politicizing what?

Then on Tuesday, this is what we got:




….it literally goes on and on.
This horrible opportunist of course spent more than 16 hours using this allegation to gain attention.  She used it to tweet to and converse with known left-wing political commentators and she actually has the audacity to say the president should not be tweeting?  Are you freaking kidding me?
I honestly hope Trump does not entertain this further.  I personally don’t need any proof of his love or compassion for our troops or fallen heroes.  He has the track record.  She does not.
There really should be a special place in Hell reserved for political opportunists who’d use the name of a fallen hero so disrespectfully.

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