Finger Wagging Liberals: Men Don’t “Understand” That Tampons Are “Rights”


This BS sounds like something invented by radical man-hating lesbian feminists who infest the faculty lounges of fancy Ivy League college campuses.

Women have been menstruating since the beginning of time – why is menstruation suddenly an “issue”?

Tampons are not a “basic right”. Heck, there is no such thing as a “basic right” to begin with.

In America we have: “The Bill of Rights” and we have “unalienable rights” – that’s it.

The radical left needs to stop inventing “rights” – everything is not a “right”.

This is not my opinion.

The Truth Fairy

via The Huffington Post:

October 27, 2017

Lots Of Men Still Don’t See Tampons As A Basic Right

More advocates are working to convince lawmakers to make tampons and pads less expensive and more readily available in public restrooms. The goal is to ensure that women and girls of menstruating age don’t miss out on school and work opportunities or have their dignity compromised just because they can’t afford a tampon.

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