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1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II • Dan Gurney Special
photo courtesy Carl Sharp

The Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II was a special, more aerodynamic version of the Mercury Cyclone. It was produced specifically to make Mercury more competitive in NASCAR stock car racing.

It was built in only two trim packages: The Cale Yarborough Special – a white car with red interior and exterior trim, and the Dan Gurney Special – a white car with blue interior and trim.

All production models were equipped with a 351 Windsor engine, automatic on the column, and front bench seat.

photo courtesy Carl Sharp



Are you kidding? What did this self-dubbed “King of Instagram” just call Sgt. Dakota Meyer?

I don’t know who the guy is… or who he thinks he is… but anyone defending this vulgar punk’s character and his self-centered actions during the Vegas rampage – running away from hurt and dying Americans, filming himself amidst the carnage – is as whack as he is.

Then spewing his specific derogatory term at Dakota, who is the most caring and honorable brother-in-law of my child who’s also called a “retard” by degrading haters, just added proof that the world’s upside down as cowardly actions propel one to celebrity status.

The dude is sick, and he’s not worthy of tying any Vet’s combat boots.

Sarah Palin


Dakota took a few seconds to respond to Dan Bilzerian’s rant:



[ VIDEO ]  #OwnTheDash

Dakota Meyer: “You’re gonna get tested some day”

Someone will need you someday. Will you be an asset or a liability?

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* there are two parts to this video.  To view part II, hover your mouse pointer midway on the right side of the image, and click the arrow.





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