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October 13 marks the birthday of the U.S. Navy, which traces its roots back to the early days of the American Revolution. On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress established a naval force, hoping that a small fleet of privateers could attack British commerce and offset British sea power.

The early Continental navy was designed to work with privateers to wage tactical raids against the transports that supplied British forces in North America. To accomplish this mission the Continental Congress purchased, converted, and constructed a fleet of small ships — frigates, brigs, sloops, and schooners. These navy ships sailed independently or in pairs, hunting British commerce ships and transports.

Two years after the end of the war, the money-poor Congress sold off the last ship of the Continental navy, the frigate Alliance. But with the expansion of trade and shipping in the 1790s, the possibility of attacks of European powers and pirates increased, and in March 1794 Congress responded by calling for the construction of a half-dozen frigates, The United States Navy was here to stay. (




Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson’s birthday message:



Join the United States Navy Band for a live streamed performance to celebrating the Navy’s 242nd birthday:

You can watch the live stream on Facebook or YouTube



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Play Ball

Who doesn’t get goosebumps hearing our National Anthem? It’s always, always spirit-raising for me.

Recent politicizing of sports is beyond disappointing for those of us semi-obsessed with the healthy, rare distraction sports can provide in a world already too full of politics. The great escape into the arena with amazing competitors has been made completely less appealing in this strained environment.

So let us appeal to our better angels.

Respecting any player’s right to protest, I beg they take it off the field. Fans are asking teams to respect our desire to focus on the contest, not politics, if only for a few hours. May athletes accept this as enthusiastically as they accept paychecks to play ball.

And sportscasters – just zip it.

The vast majority of fans unify around the symbol that reflects sacrifices made to form these United States. We want to once again enjoy athletic competition on grounds within the freest, most tolerant, most prosperous and generous nation on earth.

And, to enjoy every rendition of our anthem… here’s my favorite to wake up to, from Vets-loving, Vets-supporting Madison Rising

Sarah Palin




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