Bannon: Absolute Metaphysical Certitude’ That ‘We Will Get Our Country Back’

via Breitbart:

November 24, 2016

Absolute Metaphysical Certitude’ That ‘We Will Get Our Country Back’

“Look, we’re only 80 percent of the way through the first year of the Trump administration. And I realize for the left it feels like, you know, 80 years. But that’s why we’re putting it to them. You just got to have the president’s back.”

“And let me tell you, this I know is a fact – an absolute metaphysical certitude, just like I told Trump back in August of 2016, that he would win the presidency, is that we will win,” Bannon said. “We will turn this thing around, we will get our country back, we will stop the decline of America that the elites are comfortable making money off of in this downward trend, we will turn this thing around, as a people, as a group of populist-nationalist conservatives, and we will make this country great again. And making this country good again will make the world a safer, more prosperous, and happier place.”

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