Camille Paglia: “Toxic Masculinity” Is A Joke (VIDEO)


“Toxic Masculinity”, “Metro-sexuality”, “The Rape Culture”, and “Gender Fluidity” are all ideologies devilishly conceived in the Ivy League faculty lounges – which are infested with man-hating, radical feminists with an agenda.

Their goal is to feminize young men. This nonsense begins in grade school.

If we don’t do something about this we’re gonna have an issue with the perpetuation of the species.

I.E. Less husbands and more cats.

NOTE: Absolutely NO disrespect to cats. We love our felines!

The faculty lounges of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale are the new “Axis of Evil”.

It’s time for the Moms to be in charge again – not the government, not the teachers, and definitely not the man-hating feminists.

This is not my opinion.

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