Judge Moore: Day Three and Allred Still Won’t Release ‘Fake Yearbook’

Judge Roy Moore, candidate for U.S. Senate (AL) tweeted the following Friday morning:

Moore and his representation are seemingly confident that the examination would prove that the inscription touted by the MSM as proof of sexual misconduct is phony.  As such, it seems that Allred is in an authentic position to shortcut this and turn the evidence over.  She has an authentic opportunity to shut down the campaign’s argument on this.  Why won’t she?

These bizarre interviews given to the press recently may help explain:

In both cases, Allred calls Moore’s attempt to get the yearbook examined a distraction and demand that Moore to agree to hearings even though he’s not a Senator (yet).  So she wants taxpayers to fund an investigation that prevents Moore from campaigning in the final three weeks of his U.S. Senate campaign.

Nonsense.  Allred can shortcut all of this if the yearbook is examined and the independent analyst(s) can confirm or deny the inscription’s authenticity.

If she does not turn over the yearbook, it is clear, Allred is a hack.

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