Moore Ahead In Newest Poll Despite Being Outspent 7-1 by Liberal Opponent

Obviously outside lobbying groups are praying that a solidly conservative red state like Alabama will flip to blue as evidenced by this latest report from Newsmax which reports that Democrat Doug Jones is outspending Judge Roy Moore’s campaign by a whopping measure of 7-1.  This of course is somewhat comparable to Hillary outspending Trump as well as out-fundraising Trump due to special interest groups.

Nevertheless, a brand new poll released by Emerson (via RealClearPolitics) shows that Moore is still leading the liberal-Jones by a margin of 6 points.

It seems that Alabama voters aren’t going to be hoodwinked into voting for a liberal Democrat simply because someone connected to a D.C. establishment special interest might say something bad about them.

Sounds like some of our elected leaders should take their cues from the people of Alabama as opposed to McConnell and his lackeys.

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