@MooreSenate: @GDouglasJones In Senate = NO WALL

From Twitter this morning, Judge Roy Moore responded to the senseless tragedy reported recently where an innocent border patrol agent lost his life:

He’s absolutely correct.  When you strip away all the rhetoric, and Gloria Allred’s yearbook she refuses to turn over for independent review, coupled with the establishment mouthpieces like Mitch McConnell and other like Jeff Flake, it’s easy to understand that many of these fixtures in D.C. are bought and paid for by the politically connected who refuse to hear our voices even after we spoke so loudly in 2016.  These people worship the donor class who benefit from open borders and cheap labor when it is sent overseas as well.  All of this for a few favors at the ultimate cost to the safety of the American people and the economic prosperity of the middle class.

God Bless Judge Moore for fighting onward amidst a climate that is surely challenging for any person.

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