New Poll Featured By Drudge Shows Moore Trailing By 12 (But the source is Hilarious)

Drudge excitedly reported the following poll today showing Judge Roy Moore losing to the Democrat by 12 points.

He even highlighted it in red to show how super serious this development was.

So naturally, one would click on the link to read the story.

Headline: NRSC Poll: Moore trails Jones by 12.

NRSC: National Republican Senatorial Committee

This was the same establishment Republican organization who pulled support from Moore immediately after it was known that Mitch McConnell was plotting alternate paths to defeating Moore or getting him pressured out of the race.

As the Politico story admits:

The NRSC withdrew its support for Moore after the Washington Post published the first allegations against Moore on Thursday, and the group’s chairman, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) said Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he wins on Dec. 12.

Finally, Politico also writes that “other polls” were much closer.  Yep, like the ones we reported this morning (that Drudge hasn’t mentioned).

The selective reporting is really uncovering a stench.  As Nate Silver states:


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