Opinion: The Common Themes in Recent Sexual Harassment Claims

It happened to Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly.  Most recently, it’s happened to Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.  Now, it’s happening to Judge Roy Moore in Alabama and Louis C.K.

Sexual harassment is no joke.  It’s never been.  But the common themes in most of the higher profile cases of Ailes, O’Reilly, Weinstein, and Spacey were the trade off of temporary tolerance of the allegedly bad behavior these individuals perpetrated onto the alleged victims for paychecks or perks.

It frightens me that in a free country, where innocence is presumed until one is found guilty, that a mere charge of sexual harassment can be enough to destroy someone.  Even if that someone is a person I already happen to believe is a creep.

I’ve always found Weinstein, Louis C.K. and others to be creeps.  Whether they condescended to people I admire like Governor Palin in a sexist way (as Louis C.K. did) or just come off as being a random d-bag like Weinstein.  Liberal men who are vile, disgusting creeps have always gotten passes for being creeps so long as they were attacking the right people.  Nevertheless that problem is separate.

I find it deplorable that certain people stayed around at FOX to collect a paycheck just as I find it comical that members of the mainstream media thought it was plausible that Governor Palin could ever be such a victim herself.  As if we don’t know what would happen if a vile creep made an unwanted advance toward her….they’d be made mince meat on the spot by either the governor herself and/or they’d feel the wrath of the First Dude.

I also find it deplorable that some people would use Weinstein to get movie roles and academy awards decades before coming forward about an alleged advance the creep may have made toward them.

I also find it deplorable that gay men would enjoy attention from someone like Kevin Spacey and then years later claim to be a victim because he allegedly made a sexual advance toward them.

And now, candidate Judge Roy Moore.  Someone claims that he touched them over her clothes in 1979!  That was almost 40 YEARS AGO!  The one particular victim was married multiple times, had children, and clearly managed to pursue her own self interests for nearly four decades and now suddenly wants to burden me with a charge of an alleged assault.  As if I’m supposed to care today if someone either waits for decades to come forth or even worse if other alleged victims tolerated behavior in hopes they’d get an Academy Award nomination, money, or gifts.

Sexual harassment today is becoming the new racism.  People use the charge so fecklessly that they put at risk real victims of any injustice when people roll their eyes in response to the charges they might make legitimately.

The common theme, no matter which one you believe or don’t believe, is the inexcusable act of waiting until it’s either trendy or convenient politically to come forward with a charge that we have no way of proving or disproving.  If you didn’t care enough to separate yourself from certain people or organizations when it allegedly happened, please don’t burden me with it today because it’s people like you who grow the problem.  You’re still responsible for your own actions.

This is my opinion and it does not reflect the opinions of anyone else on this site.

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