Palin: I’m Packing, So People Don’t Mess With Me

In one of my random rants recently, I commented about those who once speculated whether Governor Palin may have been a victim of sexual harassment at one particular network.  I said:

I find it comical that members of the mainstream media thought it was plausible that Governor Palin could ever be such a victim herself.  As if we don’t know what would happen if a vile creep made an unwanted advance toward her…they’d be made mince meat on the spot by either the governor herself and/or they’d feel the wrath of the First Dude.

Well, when asked a question today about whether or not such a thing had ever happened to her, Governor Palin acknowledged that the subject is very serious, however added in why she’s not likely to find herself in such a situation:

Yes, the stuff coming out recently is serious.  As such, it’s never a bad idea to be a good guy (or in this case, “gal”) with a gun these days.

Additionally while in D.C., Governor Palin dropped in on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY):

As many of you I am sure can relate, I love seeing the Governor out and about.  She gets the folks stirring just by showing up.

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