Remarkable: Alabama Reporter Can’t Find One Voter Who Believes Judge Roy Moore is Guilty

H/T Breitbart

Remarkably, a local reporter in Alabama can’t find one voter who believes that Judge Roy Moore is guilty of the charges brought to him, reported earlier this week by the Washington Post.

Also, via NBC, Republican Voters Stand By Roy Moore.

The people are looking for fighters in 2018.  And sadly, even if it means we have to fight off decades-old charges brought out in the 11th hour of a campaign, we’ll do it.

Outlier polls will be released showing Moore trailing, I promise.

Hopefully the candidate can muster the strength to move forward with the people behind him, talk about promises to help build the wall and strengthen the middle class.  This would be unlike all Democrats and every single Republican coming out against him now currently serving who’ve been unable to deliver.

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