Rep. Mo Brooks (AL): I’m Still Supporting Judge Roy Moore

Via The Hill just moments ago:

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said Monday that he will still back GOP candidate Roy Moore, who is facing mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, in the Alabama Senate special election because Moore will “vote right” on Capitol Hill.

“There are major issues facing the United States of America, deficit and debt that can lead to insolvency and bankruptcy, funding for national security, border security, abortion, appointment of Supreme Court justices — Doug Jones will vote wrong on each of those issues, Roy Moore will vote right on each of those issues,” Brooks said in a statement Monday.

“That’s why I am voting for Roy Moore.”

Brooks, a popular Alabama Congressman reiterating his support for Judge Roy Moore is an obvious set back to national Republicans who are seemingly engaging in a coordinated hit job on Judge Roy Moore, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama as the special election nears in December.

By the way, the silver lining to all of this smearing by the establishment is that Arizonans are finally vindicated in their obvious disapproval of Flakes.

Thank you much to Gloria Allred.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

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