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To Russia With Love

Even with their renowned selective memory, surely Globalists recall past desperate attempts to befriend Russia. The former Administration went so far as to ceremonially beg to reset ties with that token “reset button” gifted to Russia with love.

Despite the ol’ college tries to win Russia over with that silly (gaff-filled) gift and Obama whispering sweet secret messages of assurance to Putin that he’d soon be “more flexible” with the former KGB kingpin, our vital relationship became a joke. Today, the people’s movement seeks to correct that through America’s assertion of power. THAT’S the art of the deal the Globalists forgot.

Heck, perhaps Spellcheck knew more than we did when imprinting “reset” atop the button Hillary had her finger on, the word more accurately translated to “overcharge.” As in “Russia – take advantage of us.”

But alas, it’s reassuring that so many conscientious citizens know to navigate through inconsistent criticism of reported new efforts to build a necessarily strategic relationship with Russia.

America, keep honing discernment by doing your own homework on today’s issues, keep ears tuned for double standards and fake news, and keep eyes open to see truth.

Meantime, Trig and I are headed out my front door to keep an eye on our powerful neighbor.

Sarah Palin



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