Gay Grinches Attack DOUGHNUTS For Christmas!


Dear Fellow Homosexuals,

Knock it off.

Stop looking for dragons to slay.

You got EVERYTHING you wanted at the Supreme Court a couple years ago.

Your current behavior is unacceptable, intolerant, and Un-American.

You are behaving like the pigs in Animal Farm.

Even Rupaul agrees with me.

This is not my opinion.

The Truth Fairy

via Breitbart:

December 13, 2017

LGBT Grinches Attack Doughnut Shop Over Christmas Drive with Salvation Army

An online mob of LGBT agitators assailed a doughnut shop in Portland, Maine that teamed up with the Salvation Army to provide assistance to needy children, alleging that the charitable organization is anti-gay.

The Holy Donut organized a gift drive to provide local families in need with Christmas presents, and awarded participating customers with a gift of free doughnuts.

The doughnut shop ran afoul of LGBT advocates when they enlisted the help of the Salvation Army, a nonprofit Christian ministry known for its charitable aid to the indigent, homeless, and those suffering from addictions. The Salvation Army assisted the doughnut makers in finding needy children and families, which infuriated LGBT lobbyists who accuse the Salvation Army of being anti-gay and discriminating against the LGBT community.

Organizers of the online protest encouraged people to give the doughnut shop poor ratings on review sites to discourage prospective customers from patronizing the establishment, to undermine the shop’s financial base.

The online mob threatened a boycott unless the doughnut shop renounced its partnership with the Salvation Army.

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