MORE Trump Economic Success!

This is a big deal.

Naturally the corporate media is talking about everything except this.

Check it out and spread the word.

via The Conservative Tree House:

January 12, 2017

More MAGAnomic Success – Chrysler Moving From Mexico To Michigan, Toyota Building in Alabama, and More…

The recently passed Tax Bill continues to enhance the MAGAnomic policy of the Trump administration, leading to more great economic and jobs news amid the headlines.

Do the math. The three single-day announcements below will add more than 6,500 new jobs, average around $50,000 per job, and contribute tens-of-billions to a revitalized new America-First economy. This is MAGAnomics in action. This is a direct result of economic policies initiated by President Trump. This is part of the reason why the U.S. GDP will easily exceed 4% growth in the next three years of Trump’s first term.

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