Iron Dog Round-Up


The Pro-Class racers finished the 2018 Iron Dog snowmachine race in Fairbanks on Saturday. Winning the grueling endurance contest were the team of Mike Morgan and Chris Olds (his third 1st place finish). They crossed the finish line with a winning time of 36:54:49, averaging 55 mph over the length of the 2,031 mile long course

Todd Palin and partner Shane Barber placed 9th, edging out the 10th place finisher by one second! Team 11 covered the distance with a time of 42:19:12, averaging 48 mph.

Check out all the final race stats HERE


Team 11 at the half-way point in Nome on Friday:

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Trig and Sarah wait for Team 11 to arrive in Fairbanks


Shane and Todd cross the finish line in Fairbanks:


Todd gives Trig a hug at the finish line




* photos courtesy Sarah Palin


A few highlights from last weekends Flying Iron Dog Freestyle Show:



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