Iron Dog


The 2018 Iron Dog race kicked off yesterday in Alaska. Todd Palin is teamed once again with his 2016 partner, Shane Barber. Team 11 drew the seventh starting spot for this years race. This will be the 25th year participating in the Iron Dog for four-time champion, Todd Palin.

After day one, Team 11 is currently in seventh place, and on their first layover of 14 hours at the McGrath airport. Palin and Barber averaged 46 mph over the first 362 miles of the race, and are currently 38 minutes behind Team 8, who are leading the field, plowing forward at an average speed of 50 mph.

The field remains tight for the top twelve teams, who are running at average speeds ranging from 43 mph to 50 mph for the current race leaders. Eight teams are bunched up, running closely at 45 to 47 mph. Day two should bring some separation between the teams, and potential mechanical difficulties are always a looming factor that can quickly change the fortunes of racers.

You can keep up with current race stats here, or follow the field with live GPS tracking here.


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Sarah & Todd pre-start in Big Lake • photo courtesy Sarah Palin


Piper is rooting for Team 11 • photo courtesy Sarah Palin


Sailor, Piper, Bristol, and Trig are ready for the race to start
photo courtesy Sarah Palin


A kiss for luck • photo courtesy Sarah Palin


Shane and Todd getting ready to launch • photo courtesy Sarah Palin



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