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While Elon Musk’s fanatical publicity team would have you believe that this weeks test of SpaceX’s heavy launch vehicle was a smashing success, the truth is quite another matter.

The test was not without its moments. The launch itself was spectacular. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a rocket this massive depart Cape Canaveral.


The Falcon’s self-serving payload, an actual Tesla Roadster ‘driven’ by a mannequin pilot was a visual that will grace Tesla sales pamphlets for the next decade.


The test was not however without its failures. The center core rocket missed its mobile ocean landing platform in the Atlantic, and was not recovered as planned.

But the more substantial failure was Falcon massively overshooting its intended Mars orbit. Instead, Starman and his Tesla are hurtling toward the asteroid belt.  Had this been a launch with human astronauts, the crew would be irrevocably lost, and the mission would be viewed as a complete catastrophe.

On a brighter note, the twin side boosters did return for a successful landing at the Cape, and that was a sight!




From the Governor (two pics and a video):



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