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Some towering Snow Ghosts at Sun Peaks
photo courtesy Ruth Hartnup

Who doesn’t love Snow Ghosts?

The casual observer mistakenly thinks that these trees are encrusted with snow. Others erroneously called the coating hoar frost. The truth is that the enshroudment is heavy accretions of ice called rime.

Run into one of these coated trees the next time you have the opportunity and you will quickly realize that this is not just a soft coating of snow, but instead a hard, heavy accumulation of ice. A quick calculation reveals that the weight of these masses can easily be in the thousands of kilograms on larger trees. (WikiSnow)



A few new Trump family photos and vids to share today


Little Luke owns Mar-a-Lago:


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Ten year-old Kai sends one out! (video):


Ivana and Ivanka (throwback):


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