Sarah Palin: Billy Graham understood God is the only answer


Sarah Palin spoke with Fox News host Martha McCallum upon the news that Reverend Billy Graham had passed, and on the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida.

McCallum asked about Reverend Grahams’ worries over the disintegration of faith in America. “Reverend Graham always kept his message so simple”, said Palin. She said that, “his emphasis was the need for all of our hearts to be transformed in order for there to be peace. He kept that message very simple knowing that God is the only answer to all the struggles, to all the problems that we as individuals and as a nation face. And I think that is why Reverend Graham has been so revered all of these years. Because people know deep down that that is truth, and he was bold enough to speak it.”

On the recent school shooting in Florida, McCallum asked Palin about Parkland survivors and “their concerns about how easy it is for some people who shouldn’t have guns to get them”.

“I absolutely understand their concerns, these parents who have lost their children. I think that there is nothing more horrible and devastating than that, then what they’re going through. But, going back to Billy Graham, the significance of his passing on a day like this, that reminder that nothing is going to change, nothing is going to get better, regardless of more laws being passed, more politician’s rhetoric spewed across out nation, or not. Nothing is going to get better until we all realize that we are created for a purpose by God, all life is valuable from the beginning to the end of life. All life is valuable, and unless we give our lives back to God, individually and collectively as a nation, nothing is going to get better.”

On the message that Graham spread around the world, Palin said:

“Reverend Graham’s message did resonate throughout the entire globe, and help in so many respects.”


“He transcended politics, and denominational divide, and cultural criticism. He was able to speak truth and not worry about being politically incorrect. It seems like he was even kind of buffeted from a lot of the criticism that many Christians face today, and that is due to God’s favor. It allowed him to speak to the masses, and have the masses receive his message.”


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