Sarah Palin calls out Congressional Republicans for budget deal that increases government spending


Governor Palin accused Congressional Republicans of acting like Democrats after their approval of a Federal budget that massively increases government spending.  Palin said it now falls upon President Trump to “rein in” spending using the powers of the executive branch.


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GOP: no more wailing and gnashing of teeth when democrats overspend and increase America’s overwhelming, unsustainable (and now unchallenged?!) debt… but act like it’s swell when our own party does it.

Now it’s the President’s job to NOT spend it all. The Administration now holds the pursestrings and can responsibly rein in the irresponsibility. Time to direct departments to do so. (Like Governors and Mayors/City Managers do.)

“Without more Republicans in Congress, we were forced to increase spending on things we do not like or want… Must elect more Republicans…”
– President Trump

Politicians surely can not wonder why voters are fed up with both parties. The M.O. still hasn’t changed: campaign one way, govern another. #StillFedUp

Sarah Palin




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