Shocking CBS News poll reveals widespread support for armed teachers

Mainstream media, Democrat politicians, and Hollywood celebrities have labeled the notion of armed teachers as “insane”, or “crazy”. The American people disagree.

The surprising results of a recent CBS News poll show widespread support, with 44% of all Americans supporting proposals to allow teachers and school officials to carry firearms on campuses. There is even a fair amount of bipartisan support, with 20% of registered Democrat voters in favor of the idea. In opposition are 28% of registered Republicans. Independents are evenly split on the issue, with 47% in favor, and 46% against.

Teachers too, don’t find the idea “insane”. Prompted by the Florda school tragedy, an Ohio county sheriff offered concealed carry classes to educators.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said that the training would be free.

Local station WXIX reported that over 250 teachers signed up for the course in the first 24 hours.

With the national debate just beginning, it is remarkable that 44% of Americans already favor the idea of armed teachers in the classroom. Especially in lieu of the media barrage of hysteria against such proposals. Many school districts presently allow armed teachers, and as word spreads that such programs have already been implemented successfully, public support may grow.



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