Corporate Media Ignore President Trump’s Economic Approach To National Security

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President Trump’s Economic Approach Toward National Security Wins – U.S. Media Ignore

What President Trump was able to do with the approach he took with North Korea is jaw-droppingly smart. Stunningly so.  Economic leverage works.  We have been led by “stupid people” who never applied economic leverage in a way that would ultimately matter to secure the best interests of the United States.

President Trump and his team did.  And they are winning… and as a consequence, we are winning…. and the ‘Deep State’ institutions along with their media cohorts are desperate to stop the American electorate from seeing and understanding the path to victory.

The professional global policy think-tanks will never give President Trump credit for securing a national security victory, via strategic policy initiatives that are fundamentally against the 50+ year worldview of U.S. foreign policy “experts”, ie. elites.

President Trump, his strategic economic policy and national security team has done something every think tank said was impossible.  Look at the narrative from the pundits and policy officials in the past year.  At the beginning of 2017 the ‘experts‘ all said China and Russia would be thorns in the Trump approach toward North Korea and they could not be moved.  In essence, they said President Trump would  never succeed.

But Trump did succeed.

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