SCHOLLA: Democrats Bully Christian Bridal Shop Into Bankruptcy

“Sew me a dress” (or else) is the new “Bake me a cake!” (or else)


Soros Would Be Proud: Liberals Bully Bridal Shop Right Out Of Business

While liberals cheer Dick’s Sporting Goods for denying service to law abiding citizens looking to purchase a gun, they simultaneously continue to bully other businesses who choose to stick to their principles. It’s hypocrisy on steroids.

Their latest target is W.W. Bridal Boutique, a wonderful business located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The establishment is run by Christian Americans who like so many of us, uphold a biblical view of marriage. Now they have been forced to close their beloved store because of the backlash thrown at those convictions. The safety of their families is at stake.

Back in July of 2017 a lesbian couple targeted W.W. Bridal Boutique for a lawsuit after the business owners politely informed the women that they could not participate in a same sex wedding ceremony. In typical Obama era style, the couple immediately took to social media and got the harassment ball rolling.

The shop has since received daily threats from LGBTQ bullies and their supporters. The owners were forced to close. When they tried to only take appointments, that didn’t work either. The “tolerant left” would place phone calls and threaten the owners and their families.

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