First Lady Melania Trump’s Formidable Cultural Diplomacy

When I was a little boy, every Friday, Nana and Papa would take me to a diner that served a desert called: “BETTER THAN ROBERT REDFORD“.

There was always a 30-40 minute wait time to get a table when this was the “desert of the day”.

Entrepreneurial Family owned diner’s should invent a similar desert; and call it: “MELANIA, BETTER THAN JACKIE-O“.

This new desert should consist of a crust made from Almond Roca and butter, with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla mousse, topped off with unsweetened whipped cream. and shaved dark chocolate.

This is not my opinion.

via Breitbart:

“At the intimate state dinner, meticulously planned and executed by the first lady herself without a coterie of consultants and planners, guests reveled in the elegant setting of a candle-lit State Dining Room,” Dowling wrote. “In the manner of Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady planned and executed an impressive series of symbolic activities that demonstrated the power of style and cultural diplomacy when carried out on the high profile White House stage.”

“There is inherent meaning in the symbolism surrounding the White House and the ability to bring citizens together around shared values and ideals,” Dowling wrote. “While individual details of a state visit may seem innocuous or even frivolous, including the selection of flowers, linens, china, and menu for the dinner, they actually have much greater significance.”

“The details roll up into a larger narrative that fosters a dialogue between leaders of nations and their citizens, highlighting common bonds and a shared cultural heritage,” Dowling wrote. “A White House state dinner is perhaps one D.C. ritual that allows us to dial back political vitriol and celebrate time-honored traditions in a non-partisan way.”

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