Sarah Palin on Facebook’s control of political speech • Breitbart News Tonight


Governor Sarah Palin joined Breitbart News Tonight host Rebecca Mansour to discuss Facebook’s broad censorship of political speech on the social media platform.

Mansour, who formerly worked for the Governor, helped manage much of Palin’s early groundbreaking use of Facebook, to become one of the most influential users of social media platforms.

Also discussed was the importance of motivating the conservative base for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, the gender hypocrisy of liberals, and the conflict in Syria.

Full interview:


This is the Palin post Masour referenced during the interview:

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What the Zuck, Facebook?

Amen to my sisters Diamond And Silk for speaking truth to power and calling out Facebook for suppressing their posts and positions.

For quite awhile folks have cautioned me to not rock the Facebook boat – but screw it. Facebook has controlled my reach to friends and foes for far too long.

My small team and I been having the same issues as Diamond and Silk and other independent conservatives. Our message of support for common sense Make America Great Again policies is being suppressed and censored as self-proclaimed “movers and shakers” operate to influence in fine Orwellian form.


Look at the decrease in the reach of our Facebook page since Donald J. Trump took office in January, 2017…

I guess “Lean In” only applies to women who also fall in line with the liberal agenda?

So… Facebook… What the Zuck?

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