MAGA COALITION PRESENTS: An Evening With Governor Sarah Palin And Diamond And Silk


The MAGA Coalition exists to put America First policies at the forefront of our next election season. For too long our politicians in Congress have failed to help us facilitate efforts to make this country great again. We have made it our mission to identify the obstructionists in DC and to advocate the America First principles that catapulted Donald Trump to the White House

We have seen the establishment on both sides of the aisle work night and day to derail the agenda of returning our nation back to prosperity and security. It’s time we put our fate back into our own hands. The MAGA Coalition will reach out to everyday Americans and build an unprecedented model of grassroots activism. No longer will we stand by and let the entrenched powers that be in the establishment dictate our future with apathy and inaction. We will empower ourselves through investment and action.

The MAGA Coalition will work to support candidates across this country who share our passion for putting America First again. We will provide a place for volunteers to empower themselves and engage the voters state by state to elect lawmakers who are committed to making this country great again.

Independently, we will work day in and day out to let Congress know that we will settle for nothing less than what we voted for last November. We will put the needs of our citizens, our neighbors and our families ahead of the status quo of establishment politics.

Our mission is to bring to life the hope and promise we all felt when we voted for change and for a new day in America. We demand Fair Trade, Border Security, Reduced Taxes and Protection of the 2nd Amendment. The MAGA Coalition is committed to minimizing costs and maximizing your investment in our efforts. Together, we will get busy Making America Great Again!


Thursday, May 10th

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
VIP Reception and Photo | $2,500

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Reception and Q&A
Preferred Seating | $500
General Seating | $250

Trump International Hotel
1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004
United States


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