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1979 Camaro Z-28 • photo courtesy Ragaerson


Very similar to a car I owned for a bunch of years.

Mine was a ’78.  4 bbl 350.  Same dirt brown with T-tops.

I had big pumped up air shocks on the rear end, and the back tires were massively over-sized compared to the stock rubber .. the raised white letter Dunlops on custom aluminum rims made her look quite intimidating.

The over endowed rear slowed the car a bit off the line, but oh, the handling!  That beast could rip around corners! Wasn’t a sharp turn that car couldn’t handle. Where other cars would’ve skid into circles, those Dunlops bit down deep into the asphalt.

Have owned many cars over the years, but I miss this one the most.



last game of the season!! #champs

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