“John McCain would not be in the Senate today, if in 2010 Governor Sarah Palin did not endorse his reelection”

Sarah Palin campaigns with John McCain in Arizona • March 2010


Former Palin top aide Rebecca Mansour discusses John McCain’s newly found “regret” in choosing Sarah Palin as his 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

“John McCain would not be in the Senate today, if in 2010 Governor Sarah Palin did not endorse his reelection”, said former Palin top aide Rebecca Mansour in a segment with Joel Pollack on Breitbart News Tonight.

“She went to Arizona and campaigned with him in rally, after rally, after rally, to get out the vote”, said Mansour, noting that “Had she just sat on the sidelines …he would never have won!”

Knowing that his political career was in deep jeopardy, McCain made Palin the face of his 2010 Senate primary race against Tea Party challenger J.D. Hayworth.

It was the powerful influence of Sarah Palin stumping with McCain across Arizona, that boosted the flailing McCain to a primary victory over Hayworth. Her credibility with grassroot conservatives and Tea Party activists was able to overcome conservative voters deep disdain for McCain’s establishment oriented Senate career. If he was good enough for Palin, conservatives voters reasoned they were willing to give McCain another chance.

Watch this McCain campaign spot released during Arizona’s 2010 Republican primary race:


Mansour mocked McCain’s “regret” in not choosing Al Gore’s 2000 running mate, Joe Lieberman to join the 2008 Republican ticket as his vice-presidential nominee, aptly pointing out that Lieberman fully supported the Democratic party platform.

She also commented on the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election. She lamented McCain’s unwillingness to rein in top staffers from his presidential campaign who were publicly “trashing Governor Palin viciously”, in an effort to redirect blame for McCain’s loss at Palin’s doorstep.

She singled out top McCain presidential campaign staffers Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt, calling them both, “awful human beings”, adding that “They are the closest thing in real life to a Disney villain.”


Listen to Mansour’s full segment with Joel Pollack on Breitbart News tonght:




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